Project Designer Cycle 4

Saturday, July 08, 2006

leashapore is the Winner!! None of us had anything bad to say about it. The elastic strap is not annoying because it's elastic and it stretches along with the women's body movements. I did have to look at this though for about 10 minutes cuz she didn't provide a back, now I definately understand everything. The elastic band basically serves as the main "function" that holds it all together. 10 points for creativity...the corded piping is beautiful and unique as well as the whole sheerness of everything because ultimately...even the base garment underneath is not vulgar, but sexy and comfortable w/ being fabricated well. It's definately in fashion. The piping is something seen in handbags and even in construction so artsy innovations are well as the baby doll sillhuoette. It's also modern and follows the rules of the challenge. Wereally like this in general.

panda-eyes was very literal with her design. This outfit lacks inspiration from the Capricorn as well as proper color coordination. The empire waisted dress looks like a baby blanket...the print is juvenile and cheap paired with the rest of the outfit. The capricorn expressed here is 100% literal. Alls we see is the symbol pasted on the dress and placed on the necklace. I don't believe it fit the challenge... yes, it could be used as underwear (AFTER the accessories were removed), and of course outerwear, but I do not understand how it could be lingerie whatsoever.

catzilla created a very beautiful and elegant design...but no crab? None what so ever? For all I know this could have been a moon godess design? We felt that the usage of the pearls (and not necessarily the cancer-print) was completely appropriate for conveying "cancer" on a morely subtle level than imposing and obvious. The lingere was VERY beautiful and sexy. Very creative, however we felt that certain aspects of the lingerie were unnecessarily sexy... somewhat vulgar. The ring on the backside of the panty was revealing in a way that compromised the sophistication, especially considering that she was given a shawl that demanded the rest of the outfit to uphold a tangible elegance that the actual shawl possessed. It's definately "In" fashion because this season...embellishment is the new trend according to the fashion shows. All of us think the colors and the embellishment details are beautiful.

lasmith created a shirt that is gorgeous and extremely creative with it's compromisable draping, however the pants totally weren't. But the pants rob the top of it's creativity. This is an example of when ambition gets the best of you. The creativity is wonderful but unnecessary...all those alternate looks aren't needed. Ultimately, your just making the challenge harder for yourself because your goal is to only create 1 daywear look and 1 sleepwear look which can be transitioned. It's obvious all the seperate broach looks were for daywear...which looked great, but the sleepwear is illustrated and looks like a 70s T-shirt put over a pair of capris. Just not flattering. If your gonna have a shirt THAT voluminous when not gathered as shown, you might as well go with a color that looks "light" in don't want a green cape slapped over your body, unless it's sheer/see-through. I can actually see the daywear looks being worn in bed if only the bottom was different...and yet again kills it. Why wear capris in bed? Well we don't know the fabric do we?

sparklefly Here's an example of big talk for such a simplistic design with simplistic detailing and inspiration.We like how it's inspired more simple because it shows that you don't have to go all conceptual...the challenge was taken more relaxed, however...the fabrics throw it off. In the description it says the "whole thing" is silk charmeuse. Charmeuse is a bit too hard even for lingerie to sleep in...I could see lingerie accented with inserts w/ charmeuse but not whole peices.

ceazar one of us felt that the legging... I feel is almost vulgarly provocative. Ironically,we also feel it to provide a sense of elegance and class (almost 1940s which I love...) that wouldn't've existed otherwise. In end, it's interesting with the back and frilly with the virgo trim. It's elegant, yet still... a cocktail dress. The sequins were nicely added in the shape of the stars, and looked great on the design. Ceazar, anoher job well done!

Hankita This design gave us little trouble. It reminded me far too much of something I'd see at a victoria secret somewhere. Also, it didn't strike me as something I'd ever go out in public during the day. It doesn't seem comfortable to me at all, however, I was in love with the robe that went over it, and I thought the design was very clean and simple, so as not to overwhelm when the robe was being worn. It was good, but nothing spectacular, and I failed to see any clear relevance to the astrological sign. I understand the knee high panty hose b/c it goes with the daywear...but it doesn't exactly need a matching corset because who's going to see it when she's wearing a dress on top? It just deletes comfort.

adriannauk's design wasn't bad, and definatly not boring. The pants seemed like they were just thrown in there at the last minute..not really give any consideration as to how they would effect the whole. The drapery was nice, but would that be comfortable if it was under something else? Dissapointed because she seems to have broken the rules as well. You never said to create "2 looks" to be fused together...or even "2 looks period" that go from day to sleep wear. Ultimately you have a problem because now you have 2 seperate fashion looks that seem to just be in a line/collection.




out: StangeLittleChild


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