Project Designer Cycle 4

Monday, October 16, 2006

Judges Table: cjrogers1993, pkdesigner, realityundersiege, sparklefly, dedredhed


catzilla A very nice collection for fall, and with a bit more cohesiveness it would be a rather great ready to wear collection (I'm also not an expert on cohesiveness!). Some of the colors could use some tweaking, and usually in a collection there is a repetition of trims, fabrics, and styling details. We like the styling she has going on here- it's kinda artsy/preppy/boho. I love how she thought out each of the accesories, but we feel like some of the looks could have been styled a little edgier without losing their RTW capabilities. What I liked about Cat’s collection was how they where linked together so well through the colors, the patterns, and the cuts of the garments, yet look so different in their own right. 9 Different people with different tastes could pick one of these for there own sense of style. That’s a hard thing to do in a collection, and one can speak from experience. Every piece links to the next in little ways like accessories, patterns, but each piece has its own individuality. A great choice of colors used, lovely warm colors you would need in the fall. And also what I like is that the garments can suit a host of different body shapes, adding versatility to the collection. I saw a bit of this but not enough to tie the entire collection together. The only thing that seemed truly cohesive are the colors, which are fresh and beautiful, using colors that generally arent though of for fall and making them cheerful to wear while everyone is wearing blacks, grays, and neutrals in between, or seem to think it's ok to match their surroundings. A lot of these silhouettes are nothing special, dont get me wrong they're great and the usual customer isnt going to go beyond that much, but with the new drop waist silhouettes and plays with bubbles and puffs I was a bit sad to see only one true innovative silhouette in that line. But you arent afraid to play with details and accessories, which is great, just keep in mind that accessories arent wholly important in a clothing collection, as those are developed seperately. It's also good to know that you know more fabric terminations other than 'such and such colored fabric'. This would be a very cute line for the art college girl who isnt into exposing all her flesh to get attention, and neither is she going to result to being gaudy.

ceazar This line is full of frills and experimentations, and not that they cannot be carried out, but I think only a select few of these could be worn by the everyday person, and a lot of them are more flashbulb pieces...great on the runway and for gathering attention, but not very practical. Ceazar's collection was a stunning throwback to the the good ol' victorian days. We loved it! We loved your overall attention to the curve of a woman without resorting to exposing so much skin. We also like your use of ruffles and flounces, as it seems to be a reoccurring theme throughout the pieces. the styling is in the garments themselves...accessories aren't needed at all. in fact, I'm glad that the accessories are minimal, with only a belt thrown in here and there to cinch the waist. Save for the two second to last pieces, there is a very renaissance feel to it (those two seem victorian/edwardian in a way). I think a few of the pieces may be a bit too manly for women today and might call attention to places a woman might want to keep looking small: her shoulders, hips, thighs etc. I am also a bit disappointed that these are just mere illustrations and I really cant tell the construction or fabrication, as you havent included any of that information for me. That is why I gave such a low cohesiveness score because in a line a repitition of colors, fabrics, details and trims is essential to not only cover cost but to offer an array of styles to your customer. One of us think you would make an excellent evening gown designer. You can tell he wasn’t afraid of bringing artistic flare in his designs, and taking risks and making a statement. The only links I could see between them was of the course the time period it was based on, using the same patterns and ruffles, but each design was completely different to next which was nice to see. I like to see each piece have its own personality. As Ceazar didn’t add any text describing each design, you would have a good look at the designs, and they do the speaking for themselves!

wakasashe-fashion What a breath of fresh air! So elegant, femenine, refined, and just plain FRESH! I thought his collection was wearable, unique, and creative. Not to mention his showmanship was amazing! You can tell he really put alot of time and enegry into his whole collection and presentation. We have no doubt that you put a lot of time and effort into these images but very little information can be gathered from these images as far as construction or fabrication, and you didnt provide any details in any of the descriptions. All the outfits were styled very professionally, but not so much that they would take away from the garment itself.You also seem to be using a wide array of fabrications, trims, and details, and not one of them connects to another garment: ruffles, cuts on bias, pleats, bubble skirts, flouncy sleeves, etc. Very few of the colors seem to match each other or represent enough coordination for mixing and matching. While the pieces do represent understated fashion and would make great modern pieces for a classy customer, again there is no coordination or cohesiveness. All in all: A lovely collection of wearable garments, with their own style, to suit near enough anyone tastes, with a healthy dose of high fashion. We could see these run down a runway for real! Any of these would give the wearer an air of confidence, which I believe was the point. It’s a very city feel for me this collection. You could see these in London or New York. They are wearable for everyday people yet not commercial. And that’s the best thing about the collection. I love the bold confident colors chosen and the cuts of the garments. And the shoes! Great stuff!

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Congrats to the WINNER! You recieve two interviews with popular websites and blogs with over 4 Million views!!! You desrve it! And thanks to all of the contestants, and I hope we all keep in touch!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

wakasashe-fashion Great job! It was good to see a risk being taken! And it paid off. We love the different layers and fabric, it gave so many different textures and dimensions to the design for me. The one concern one of us had was its versatility. I don't think this would suit a lot of people, it would take certain body shapes to pull it off wearing it. But that's his/her own opinion. The necklace is a great addition and finally, someone used a PRINT! I just wish the bows around the waist were a little more defined, because I had to read the description twice to figure out what they were. all in all though, a great showing. Its a brilliant and thought out design!

catzilla the blues are very calming, and i love that she used more than one shade.
the pleats in the center are very attention-catching and add something unexpected to an otherwise classic dress. it probably provides great movement. great job!

ceazar With a difficult colour to design with, Ceazar pulled it off really well. That well in fact the first I thought of seeing the design was Beyonce in that dress on a red carpet!
The only thing that let us down personally was that just the cut of the dress one of us doesn't love...that cutout in the front...does he need it? I think the dress would have been more successful without it, since the back of the dress is so open. The other concern was the placement of the rhinestone, from which the chiffon propelled. (I made that mistake too!) I do really love the skirt though. It's just the top of the dress we have problems with.

OUT:panda-eyes I was pleasantly surprised by Panda. A designer that has a edgy and fun look to her designs, came up with something so beautiful, and that fact you can see her style in her design makes it even better! well done Panda to not losing your style in something so different to design! i wish she would have chose a darker green for the dress, or something a little more vibrant than the sea foam green i see on my screen. I also think the blouse should be attached to the dress, because without it, it's just a plain strapless dress. on the positive side, i love that you can tell it's clearly her, with the ruffles on the front of the blouse, the cutout in the back, and the beaded hem. I think she had a great showing this week.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

ceazar wins! The design was pulled together, it was sharp, and the styling was on point as always. We saw his design with elements of sparklefly's, and that was the point! The cut and fabrics were sleek, and the color choices were superb. The outfit looked fit for Kate Moss to wear to a party in the Hamptons! Magnifique!

wakasashe-fashion... to tell the truth, to me, it didn't seem like you changed the design very much. The differences I saw were the back, the stripe on the pants, and the ruffled hem on the jacket and sleeves. True, it might be your design asthetic...but it didn't really seem like a challenge for you.

panda-eyes...the dress wasn't as exuberant as I had expected. I was expecting more color (since he didn't list any that I am ware of) but the bolero was wonderfully exicuted. I wasn't in love with the "you can find this in the junior section" dress with the overlayer of chiffon, and the styling was way off. It was eluding, and I didn't have the patience to figure it out...

catzilla It was a little ho hum for me. The chiffon top with the vest and the skirt with fluted hem..yes..but...It was a bit too common sillouette for you. we know you do ready-to-wear and we totally admire that, yes the design was you but I feel as if I've seen it before...that skirt or maybe the vest. I'm merley releived that you're still in!

OUT:sparklefly The design was palaple...and was I the only one that didn't love it?I was releved to see that the pooping chiffon bustle had been removed. I definatly thought it was a very well exictued design, but for me the colors were a bit...LSU. I thought her deep violet dress with the exuberant gold trin and piping treatment looked great at first, but as I stared at it I thought: "Ive seen this before." To me, it was evident that the bustle would have benefited from more fabric, but it was too late for that. (Am I shedding a tear as I type this?)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

catzilla's design personifies the challenge in every way. The outfit and the accessory looked as though they were made to be together, and the outfit merely didn't complement or "go with" the accessory, but must INCORPORATED IT as part of a single thought. cat delivered it all: silhouette, proportion, fit, fabrics, and style. The top could have had a bit more interest, but it was still together. It was a fabulous achievement. Bravo, cat!

panda-eyes' Approach to this challenge was humorous and playful, too. The result, a cotton shirt sheer pink shirt with pussy bow detail and polka dots and a pale grey bubble skirt. She created a sparkling and pink frothy runway worth masterpeice of an outfit that was beautiful, creative, and inspiring, and this works well with the glasses. It was ambitious, and it was pulled off!

ceazar's work: You can't predict it. You can't anticipate it. You simply respond to what is.
ceazar's work for the challenge was feminine without being cloying, sexy without being vulgar, and elegant without being precious. The collar kind of looked odd, and we didn't really see the purse in the design. Omiting the challenge, it was great, but you cant'. The purse kind of stood out a bit more, but thankfully the scores prevented him from being out!

wakasashe-fashion's dress looked kind of spacey and alien-like. It's not a critiqsim, mearly an observation (from my point of view). It was very beautiful and superbly constructed, and his choice to make it part of the outfit was what the challenge was all about. His design was intelligent, nuanced, tactile, slightly martial, but very feminine.

sparklefly The bust is beautiful and mimics the sunglasses wonderfully. Not only was it a literal translation but it also represented those cool shades in mood. The rest boring. Definatly not boring. Just rather straight. I would have loved to see a jacket or more deatils to help this look become more interesting. It's a really
sophisticated peice just rather basic. Everyone did great, but it was all in he scores.

OUT: lasmith is up and down and up and down! One week to the next, I never know whether she will sink or swim. So far, she's managed to keep her head above water. She stumbled in my humble opinion. When she hits it big, as she did last week, I stand back and admire. It was very architectural and kinda stiff. It definatly encorperated the shoes, but wasn't as sleek as we expected it to be. It looked as if it didn't fit
properly...and how can it not fit properly in a
drawing? We were eluded.
Everyone did great, but it was all in the scores. We are REALLY sad to see you go.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

catzilla and panda-eyes This one suprised the most. simply because they took a risk and decided to go for it. At first glance, its like what the? but as you study all the details of the design, it grows on you fast. I applauded the team's inventive use of fabrics, when I heard that they were using a vintage pattern for thier design I said "uh-oh…"but they transformed it into something truly fabulous. In fact, the pattern is a work of art all on its own. It's just too bright. There's not really a focal point to the outfit. It makes you want to look everywhere at everything. The cut and style of the outfit are nice, but there is just too much going on, and while it's definately creative, it's too loud.You can tell these two had so much fun working together. Alot of people want that bag!

lasmith and ceazar You can instantly tell these worked well together, their seperate styles complemented each other perfectly. The structure of the desgin was well thought out, The only thing I would say, it didnt really feel victorian to me that much. I think its the print on the dress that did it, reminded me of 50's feel. It was hip, youthful, sexy, and upbeat with a splash of spice-stunning.
All the colors go perfectly together without being too "matchy-matchy". The Victorian inspired coat is very well designed with the nice godet inserts to give it that extra flare without the bulk. The dress is adorable and would be gorgeous just on its own. All the textures and the rouching really make this a fun outfit. The teamwork behind this design was perfect -- both designers points of view can be seen without any clashing.
A very good collaberation.

wakasashe-fashion and sparklefly Note: Only one of the two will be out. We will interview them, and will choose who will be in (so designers you should start creating your designs until you know that you are out.) Their styles you could see had simular taste in designs, and this reflected well in thier collab. As for the design, it was well thought out and exicuted; though not inappropriate, I feared that the judges would find this particular work to be too much of an "already done" piece and that our judges would begin to brand the team with a "safe" label, which would not be good for the them. Yes, it was an open design topic but really they could have maybe added more details in the bust that was wakasashe, and kept the rest. Maybe a broch on the jacket? While I consider the team's design to be great and powerful, the investment — design and detail— was minimal when compared to thier peers. Alone, fabulous.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Guest Judge: taeliac

wakasashe It seams (pun intened) that wakasashe-fashion never disappoints. The look was classy and elegant (his thing). I just wished that I would have known the fabric of the body of the dress. George’s building was Jin Mao building in Shanghai, and I wasn't sure how he would do, especially considering that it was so straight and had a big pointytop. He designed a halter dress with attention to the bust and back and it looks wonderful. The stole and train were a wonderful addition. From the moment that the model appeared on the screen, George had the judges completely seduced. He'll be back next week folks!

catzilla A gorgeous, non-literal translation! The tiered skirting is absolutely lovely, the colors are fab, and the whole gown looks very comfy and would give a nice floating effect while going down the runway. A lot of referencing was done for this design, which really made it great. The little bits of blue detailing really made this one stand out, and she should be proud of this design!!! The original sketch idea seemed to do so much more with the wing-skirt detailing than the final image did, and maybe that was just in the sketchy nature of the drawing. Otherwise, this is very inspired, and it was great seeing some of the period in which the building was made added to the look of the garment. The color choice was unique, and work very well with the whole outfit and period.WOO!

panda-eyes Even though it was literal, it was fabulous. I have to say, on first glance I was suprised to see the building actually there. Looking at it longer, it just all seemed to fit together and work. The scarf part, is a great idea, and the sky-blue color the perfect choice for a building that soars into the air. We love the pattern at the bottom, kinda like windows! It's amazing...really..this one was definatly hard to beat.

lasmith My first thought was on the unique colors of the piece - they stand out, and make a true statement. Then, I looked at the technicals of how this could be made, and realized that it isn't difficult at all (all be it time consuming). It has a completely modern feel, like it just jumped out of a movie like Aeon Flux, but is still something that could be worn. Very well illustrated, and the presentation was impecable. It looks like it could glide down the runway with not problem. My only nick pick is that the golden window like things look a little too literal, but other than that it translates wonderfully. I loved the fabrications and the seams. The lines were wonderful and I loved the sleeves. All in all it was a wonderful submittion.

sparklefly Wow, this gown looks fit for a Queen. It has a very classic look to it, with gorgeous details. Simplistic, yet complex with all the shapes and patterns on the bodice and the hem. The train gives the whole ensemble a more fun, and less strictly elegant, look. The colors were wonderful and the sparklefly empire waist is back! It was woderful, but I thought the arches in the bust was kind of literal, but that was a slight mishap. It was wonderful! This really is a romantic dress - the train does it especially! I like all the little details, including the bodice design, and using all the patterns of the pretty design found on the building itself. The only thing that I didn't care for was the skirt itself - I couldn't figure out how it would actually look from the sketch. The color choice, however, was very good - it just adds to that romantic feel.As Michael Kors says, Kudos!

ceazar A disco ball! The outfit was a disco ball. It was wonderful! All of the sparkle and glam, all added up to the Taj Mahal. I was so glad that he didn't do white, he did a creme print which was lovely. The draping and layering was masterful and the embroidery was wonderful!!! Stunning. The colors and details are wonderful - all the use of the rhinestones, really balance the whole design out. I just, somehow, feel that this is lacking the punch that really denotes it as the "Taj Mahal", although the longer I look at it, the more it appeals to me as a whole. I think it's something about the bodice that throws me off a bit, but either way, this is something I would love to see realized.
I hope to see even more fabulousness in the next round!

Out:Adeladia Everyone was so good, it was hard to choose who would be out. We love the whole idea of the "neighborhood" affecting the outfit, instead of just focusing on the Opera House itself. The hat and skirt, however, seemed to be the focus (and I cannot forget the purse - that is the greatest accessory!) and the corset piece seems to be unweildly, and very much uncomfortable to wear, especially from the side view. The pictures, however, helped to make more sense of that view, but it still feels like it's something that is a bit bulky. The bodice designs should have been panels rather than layered shapes though. Gives it a slightly odd appearance from the side angle. The hat is very dramatic yet fitting, and the belt and the skirt patterns are cute. The color scheme was very well thought out. Not so sure the shoes work with all the stuff standing out like that. Maybe if it were an embedded pattern instead? Or if the shoes were cut to to that kind of shape/design? That would have been very creative. And one word for the purse - adorable! Good luck Adeladia with your future ambitions!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

wakasashe-fashion A very professional and strong outfit, although the length of the skirt is questionable. It looks like it was shrunk in the wash or is a size too small. The shoes are a great design as well but to me the switched in color is not the best choice(I loved the orange shoes).The whole thing was excellent and it was bold and sexy, yet sophisticated and romantic. have immunity from being elimanated from the next challenge!

sparklefly hit everything right with this. The proportions were perfect, with her fabulous wide legged pant, and the oatmeal plaid. The conservative navy blue was a great addition and made the whole presentation more appealing. We liked the cut of the jacket and the placements of the buttons. The trimmings were perfect and the whole look was polished, restrained, and feminine. She sparkle, it can be done without being boring! Clap! Bravo! Encore!

panda-eyes The silhouette of the design is beautiful and sleek, but everything else to me seems out of place. I like the texture fabrication of the suit w/ gored skirt, but having it ribbed with leather? I never heard of this. From my stand point, ribboning this conservative outfit w/ leather automatically switches the mood and makes it slightly costumy and eccentric. Depending on what kind of leather, any of them would take it heavy looking. It also destroys the interesting texture it had. If only the ribboning were made of something softer and more appropriate. The shirt underneath doesn't looks mass produced and also gives 2 different moods throughout the design. We would have let the shirt be neutral red for the matching of the bow. I have to admit that I'm not usually drawn to the whole red and green combo being that they are contrast colors and can make my head hurt when put together...but the light shade of the green goes perfectly with the cherry red! Although I'm not sure what fabric the main green of the outfit is made of...the pattern and color is great! And I LOVE the idea of having a green leather trim!

Beautifully done and executed!

ceazar ceazar’s work has been consistently strong ever since the first challenge, but in this, the same fabrics yet again...but a beautiful design nonetheless. The sleeves and vest all worked out well (you have a knack for picking fabrics and colors) and the pants were great. The whole thing was interesting, and very well executed. The only thing that worried me was the single just looked odd...but maybe that's just me talking.

Adeladia This is poorly illustrated. I can understand if people have their own illustration style, but when you want to convince people that your garments aren't costumy, you have to illustrate it and present it more realistically so we can get persuaded. This looks like a costume from head to toe, but reading the description...I'll just believe it's just Haute Couture. I like the colors and texture mixing with the skirt being double layered with lace, but it's not meant for career wear. It has no feeling of career or any style available within that range. The top with that dramatic color can actually work if everything else related more appropriately. When designing for something specific like bridal, career, costume or even concerts...the design must look believable and appropriate in a competition at least, even if it's Haute Couture.

catzilla The colors were on spot all the way. It wasn’t boring there were always little surprises to be found in the design, and it was defiantly a risk to use. My only complaint is the lining. It doesn’t really play into the whole piece well. However, this design was defiantly up there ^^! It’s great, and it’s defiantly a contender for the win.

lasmith . I understood the jacket and I responded well to it. It was art, and it was captivating on its own. But once it was paired with the skirt, it looked strangely proportioned and, um, odd. It was paired with another peculiarity, a vest with suspenders that was about a close to weird and um, odd as one could possibly get. Huh? I thought it was preposterous looking, but then I can be one-sided. I told myself, “Well, at least it’s kind of sophisticated. And at least it’s not too boring (the pleats saved the look).” Lasmith, next time be a little more careful.

OUT: ilani It looked all over the place. The whole outfit looked thrown together at the last possible minute. Maybe if the colors hadn’t been so wild it would have worked better. Maybe playing it down with a black or something. I personally loved the top and jacket, but the skirt it what messed everything up. It was bold and rushed and pinned and frilled…it was just too much. I’m REALLY sad to see you go ilani…you were defiantly a interesting one to see every week! But someone had to go. :hug: