Project Designer Cycle 4

Monday, July 17, 2006

wakasashe-fashion The vision was there and it was wonderfully executed. I saw a housewife in the country going on a shopping spree in Milan, cutting things up and sewing them to her taste. Ah! Wonderful. Thankfully I see a cohesive perspective of all the fabrications thrown on it. It could have easily been a horrible design, but instead it's definitely a solid image of a hill billy's everyday outfit being reconstructed into Haute Couture. It fit's the taste of the environment. I think that for this challenge in particular the jumble of shredded fabrics and raccoon tail in the back work! and the top is gorgeous. Great design as usual.

lasmith To ZebrASkinn44..., I see Cinderella's dress re-styled into real Haute Couture, which is a good thing. As a whole, it has a flamboyant character to it...but the bottle caps throw this off. If this is worn on the "red carpet," I just see the coca cola embellishments as almost degrading the garment and turning it into a joke. The reason why is because everything else is fabricated so interesting...the braided squirrel fur as 1 example. The caps are tacky, cheap and placed all over as opposed to the bullets which actually "look" like real jewelry...the idea used here is designing something very raw and organic relating to the environment. I do not see an excellent execution with that. The great things about it was the overall look...but the bottle caps had to go.

ilani Fun colors... just not as creative as it could have been. Another design with potential that couldn't reach it. I like the off the shoulder blouse with that nice big puff insert of the well as the artsy hat because it defines what the challenge was about, but everything else is a disaster. The outfit looks as if everything has been crammed in my eyes, this looks like super girl with a pair of overalls. One lesson in Couture is that wearability should always be a factor no matter how wild the look can this challenge your not asked to do Couture and dress models on a runway. Yay for color! The red definately makes a bold statement. The headpiece keeps me staring. It's definately, well, um, I really don't know what to make of it, other than I wonder how that would look in real life. The use of a peasant top was something I expected to see a lot in this challenge, though I like this adaptation of the more common design. The jumper seems a tad short to me, but I guess that would be fine for hics. Those boots though. Whoa. Sleek, and they add a touch of class in my point of view, believe it or not. That mixed with the skirt-like effect. The outfit actually makes me think of a big iris, as in the flower. Definately a bold design, but I'm not sure it's couture enough.

adriannauk We got a few problems here. I understand Adriannauk isn't infatuated with Haute Couture, but there's a thing called "research" which can be done to execute or learn about anything. With that, she could have used her own design philosophy to her advantage but I see her design as an amateur take on trying to do Couture, but almost failing. Alls we see is a basic outfit with exaggerations...nothing more. The dungaree strap on the right side is horrible, taste wise and function wise. When this girl bends over, it will fall off her shoulder because the waist isn't high enough...something most dungaree pants OR overalls have traditionally in general. For good points, I think the colors work and the look is appropriate for the challenge....but we definitely would have liked a more researched design that also could have even been laid back. Unfortunately, my first reaction was "how are those pants staying on?!" The model's right side looks like the pants are slipping down. Not good. The top is a cute rendering of a suit, looking more like a peasant top, but shouldn't something be worn underneath? The model's breasts are about to pop right out of that top. And I'm not sure how comfy pants would be with the strap like that. It looks like it's a bit tight, and not in a good way. The pants are rather basic, as are all the fabrics used. And I'm not sure what hic would want to be running around in tall platforms. Doesn't seem very practical to me. I think this outfit could have been done much better just by altering the design slightly (adding a top under the jacket, and fixing the pant waist).

sparklefly I felt sparklefly to again, be rather restrained with her vision. It looked like a gingham dress with quilting and a v-neck bust with low back. That's it. realityundersiege said: A GREAT dress by sparklefly! One of her best ever I might say! I just loved the fabrications and the patterns so much! They just went together SO perfectly! The details of the quilting and little flowers made it even more wonderful! I have to say that this one and lasmiths are the two top for me at the moment. it just seems so harmonious and like very little detail was taken into consideration before the end product. LOVED IT! Hillbilly chic it certainly is! Talk about detail, wow. I love the quilting! It adds serious flair to this very elegant, yet hillbilly-inspired outfit. The whole bodice detailing is lovely, especially the little inserts. My only question is, is the skirt bustled like that, or is the model holding the skirt up? I can't quite tell. I love the little peasant top sleeves. My fav thing about this design is how from the front it looks quaint and sexy at the same time, without being crude, and from the back, it's very classy....different points of view.

Hankita Basically the most here that's thrown off is the materials used...chiffon and silk wouldn't be caught dead on a hill billy living in unconventional conditions and areas. Silk and Chiffon...usually expensive to buy doesn't generalize or represent hill billy's nor does it serve as an inspiration towards what hill billy clothes can be. Ultimately, the skirt is alright...the top looks way too close to civilization and the fabrics are totally off. Again, if one doesn't know something, research is available. I don't feel like the outfit blends well the shirt and the top don't feel like they should be part of the same outfit...which is not a good thing...certainly not a timid piece..but not a successful one either. Ho hum. Another variant on a peasant top. I don't think I've ever seen a plaid chiffon before though. I like the slightly angled tiers of the skirt. The overall design is nice and modern, but I'm not sure that it fits well enough into the couture category. And I can't quite tell what's going on with the shirt, except that it is a type of peasant top, but I'm trying to figure out what's with the hem of it. It looks like it's either tattered or it's sewn to the skirt. A nice description of the outfit, rather than a listing of what's there, would have been good.

catzilla A contender or the win...with this challenge, designers were either horrible, or excellent. This is the excellent. Thank god that silk is the type it is because it fits in appropriately with the challenge and introduces a raw hill billy texture in high fashion material. It looks as if its quilted in the illustration. The layering done on the flared hem is wonderful because its both delicate and stylish with having a sheer fabric over a solid fabric scheme. The colors work and don't overdo each other...and the denim piece starting below the waist is most appropriate with belt loops...this clearly looks as if it were deconstructed from a pair of overalls and joined with a red halter dress. I honestly like it a lot. However...the purse has to go. It looks like a porn bag with XXX written on it.

ceazar This guy definately knows how to tease everyone with that shadowed preview he had up all week, because this is great! This has to be the most couture of the designs, though I would think nothing less from this designer. I'm loving the mock alligator-print top, though I'm not sure how comfy that turtleneck-styled collar would be. The exposed part of the back was unexpected and a bit daring without exposing too much. My only real question is how does someone get into this outfit? Where are the closures? Hmm. The pants are great, especially how the belt is done. And that pouf-effect below the knee, playing off the shirt concept is cute. Nice boots too! So yeah, my only nit-picking for this one is how would someone get in and out of this kind of outfit?

panda-eyes Everything is balanced and pretty quirky color scheme wise which we all love from panda-eyes. The nice big flaw I see slapped on this design is the bustle...and it definitely creates problems. First of all, why use it again when it was used previously in another challenge? Being a "neat idea" is no excuse cuz the bustle isn't exactly original and repeating that idea only makes you look like a copy cat with minimal vision versatility. Remember, style does not revolve around 1 vision/image or look. Also, it destroys the elegance this outfit had. The bustle just looks like a bunch of raccoon tales slapped on her behind....which it is. In Haute Couture, things should never be "over done" because it does really take away the fine quality any outfit has. But overall, a very cool design and in some of our books, a contender for the win. It's so hillbilly and yet it has some trendy bits mixed in really nicely. I like the brown tailored shirt and the vest. If those were used with another ensemble, she could just about pass as a business woman. Well, almost. The skirt certainly looks like something a hic could come up with from stuff lying around the house. There's those traditional aspects of hillbillies such as the neckerchief and the straw hat, which could've been done up a bit, along with the cowboy boots. Only one problem though. It's too hic chic, and not enough couture.

Hehe, cute floppy hat. I like how the overalls aren't made with the usual straps and buckles, but instead with strands of iron rings. I do think that the design should've had at least one pocket though (the design is for hics...and I'm sure they'd have something to carry around). The lacy shirt looks like a nice business top with lace sewn over it, so that kind of loses out on creativity. And the belt just seems to be...well, sitting there. Shouldn't there be a belt loop or something somewhere? I do like the copper button down detail of the overalls though. The purse is really cute and trendy, and the boots are very feminine cowgirl. The outfit is nice, but not creative enough to be really couture.

leashapore Interesting and couture, but besides minimal idiosyncrasy, how in the world is it hillbilly? Uh...all I can say is "what IS it?" It looks like a crinkled wad of fabric...with some buttons... I'm even having a hard time figuring out the description... I am at a total loss... realityundersiege: It looks like someone crumpled up a piece of paper...and strangled BARBIE with it! have got to be kidding me? is she aware of what contest she's in? has she givien the criteria of the challenge any consideration whatsoever?my's frightening to look at!

OUT: deathofrats


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