Project Designer Cycle 4

Monday, July 24, 2006

catzilla Beautiful! So fresh and clean! The tailoring in all of her pieces is so unique. We love the cut of the skirt and the jacket especially. Fun, cute, classy, and classic! It was as evident as ever that her experience as a design student had provided her with all the right stuff for strategic decision-making and problem-solving. She was showing signs of heavy stress (with classes and all), and I became very concerned that she would be unable to finish this challenge. In the end, she pulled it off, perfectly! A job well done!

sparklefly the 1st shirt was pretty...I'll admit...and the coat was nice but so typical! I'll be honest I thought it was boring. And don't quote me on this one okay? But it looks so typical! how many times have you seen all of those outfits? A million! Besides that fact, it was at least decent. It would flatter any body type, it followed the design specifications, and it was at least half-way trendy. These outfits would be great for the office, a night on the town, or just about anything! The first two designs are a bit too simple, however the collar of the white blouse is really nice, and the coat is adorable. I'd put it in a store.

hankita First of all...she did the challenge incorrectly. She had 7 garments...not five. The 1st shirt was way too low and revealing...almost trashy (if the wrong person wore it). The first outfit is rather simple, the second is very modern but the hat just doesn't work with it, and the third looks comfy and wearable around the house or going jogging. Not quite sure how a hoodie goes with flip flops though. One of us thought she was going to have a was so "limited too" like 4th grade girly...ish! The last outfit was wasn't too creative but it had a certain appeal to it that we kinda liked. All in all it was fabulous to me...but you should be got more points than leashapore. If she had gotten 2 more points you would have been out..follow directions.

lasmith we're all for the cute baby doll..vintage classic type cutes but that much of THAT striped fabric? What was she thinking? It's like mixing demure and elegant with pop princess! and not succeeding! I loved the coat...and I loved the cuts of the designs but that striped fabric just killed it! This challenge was about incorporating the chosen fabric into your designs to make beautiful pieces! Not making great designs and throwing in a random and totally different style fabric that kills the looks!

panda-eyes ONE of us said: cute...not amazing but cute. I liked the first shirt a lot. it has some adorable little apple buttons and a nice cut. The jacket was cute...not amazing but fairly nice. The walking shorts were a bit dull...strange color as well...The skirt was very cute. but that last top...can you say PRIVATE SCHOOL UNIFORM? no one wants to walk around looking like a kindergartener...I mean really now...this is not supposed to appeal to those in the first grade! So she took the apple term quite literally...and it was cute and all...just not that great. But personally, I loved it. It had an Anna Sui quality about it that was very calming and unique. Well done.

ilani The first and last designs are so uncreative! I've seen millions of them in department stores and all that crap...and no that they're even good designs anyways. The coat had this random cut in the right looked like she had bee attacked and her coat ripped...instead of it looking like a cohesive element in her design. I liked the skirt of the middle one..but other than that this one was a totally disappointment...Maybe next time you could experiment with the silhouette. Great color choices, great top designs, and adorable shoes! The black sheer top is a nice addition, but that makes for 3 tops in the designs, which is more than the challenge called for. The top with the poufy sleeves is adorable and looks like it would be a top seller in a store. As much as minishorts are in style at the moment, they look like regular minishorts, not specially designed ones. The coat and skirt definately stand out, in a good way, though they do not blend in as well with the other two designs as part of a collection. It would have made the designs even better.

ceazar It's good...We loved the shoes of the 2nd one and the bags! To die for! and I loved the shorts...I think he did a great job at making something unique and creative while still using the required fabrics.The patterns used are very flattering and feminine, as are the shapes of the garments. And an Apple Pie logo was created even! Great accessories. These designs would work wonderfully for someone who wants to be trendy and casual, or sexy and chic. To tell the truth it looked like he used more than 5 garments, and that's a win in itself! Hoorah!

adriannauk's line was decent and it was wearable and it looked accessible. I personally think that without a lining the chiffon top would reveal too much (especially because it's white) which takes away points. Poor usage of the fabrics I provided. These designs are lovely with that bit of couture flair. The colors and patterns are bold and elegant. There is a bit of vintage inspiration in these designs, adding more class to these gorgeous outfits. Love the smocking of the skirt waistband. And that jacket would definately turn heads when worn with any outfit. Seems almost boring and monochromatic... But the overall collective look was a plus for the line. Simple, austere, tailored, and sophisticated for the working woman.

Adeladia I personally on the creative side loved her collection. It was kind of modern and very ebullient which is a major factor in determining sales. It was definitely higher in terms of fashion and creativity than others and it was very interesting. The coat was kind of revealing with nothing in the front, but overall it was a solid simplistic design to seal her otherwise risky and colorful "mini-line". I wonder how many customers she would have because it seems a little out-there to me.

wakasashe-fashion designed a wide range of clothing that could me mixed and matched for any situation or scenario. It didn't even look like he used 5 garments, because he placed them strategicly...(the jacket over the shoulder). Are the pants on the first and second design the same, just with the first having the cuffs rolled? It sure looks like it, but the description doesn't say. The pink top is cute and fashionable, but the black vest looks a bit odd design wise (and without any details about it in the description, it's hard to figure it out). The green jacket also doesn't seem to match with the rest of the outfit. Were it not used with the pink top, it would look better but the colors still clash. The green jacket would look much better on the second design. They were chromatic, colorful, and kaleidoscopic, but he toned it down with the tweed which I loved. It was a great showing from wakasashe-fashion.

leashapore My concern was how would you wear a jacket Upside-down? It looked like two different jackets...I could understand inside-out, but upside-down? The skirt/short combo is really catchy, and the tops are very sexy, but what is going on with the jacket? How could wearing a jacket upside down possibly work or be comfortable? It's too confusing to figure out. And why the fabric badges? That is too literal for using the fabric swatches in the designs, and it doesn't really count either. It was in my personal taste, executed poorly and I really didn't understand or comprehend it at all...


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