Project Designer Cycle 4

Monday, August 07, 2006

ceazar Alright. First off even though the one he didn't color was the one that wasn't very him HE NEEDED TO COLOR IT! It's part of making a professional looking and cohesive illustration! *heh hem* Other than that I think he did a FANTASTIC job! We just loved the design that represents him! It's so fun and chic!...gosh and that vest is to die for! The colors flowed together, but I wasn't too particular about the chiffon for the skirt...maybe a satin? But ultimately it was his design. The design that wasn't him was boring and frumpy. Which makes since because ceazar's style is anything but that. It was dasturdus, horrendous, and B-O-R-I-N-G. Great job ceazar!!

Adelaida designed two colorful and risky outfits as usual. I really don't think she cares about being out...and that's a good thing. She takes risks, and as I mentioned before, I love risk takers. And this risk worked. Her fabrications and ebullient colored prints were great, and I loved the brown one, the unusual silhouette, fabrics, and shapes worked! It was definitely a strong showing and a contender for the win!

panda-eyes Well, there are a couple things I see that don't relate to the challenge. First off, it was said that the two outfits must be completely different. The styles are different, but the outfits are similar. Both have a top and a skirt. Both have knee high socks. Both have hand socks too...well, the first has 1. Either way, the outfits should have differed garment wise to get the greatest effect of differentially. Second off...the first I can see being worn. The second looks more like a costume MEANT for a character. We don't want to design clothes for characters; we want to design clothes for real people. Totally off point.

lasmith was defiantly a contender for the win. The silhouette of the design and the colors were to die for. The opposite design was crazy and mismatched with plaid and violet corsetry. I love pleating, so I was drooling over the dress and its monochromaticy. The fan under the buttocks, I think was in the wrong place…maybe above it? Then it would be perfect. Pat yourself on the back!!!

wakasashe-fashion was great! The silhouettes were wonderful and they were completely opposing. One was frilly, sophisticated, elegant, and modern. The corset looking thing on the bodice was wonderful (everyone knows I hate corsets, but this one is to die for!...if it is a corset.) It was delightful to look at. The opposite was a sporty pant with hoodie. It had little details that were wakasashe. It was the complete opposite but it was still him. I personally loved it.

catzilla Wasn’t as ambitious as I expected her to be. The design was simple, and I actually preferred her opposite. But her design was palpable and passable for the next round. I liked her fabrications, but maybe you guys could venture into some more unusual fabrics. The opposite design I COULDN’T see as catzilla basically because of the dark colors and the seriousness. The illustration kicks butt,Just different aproaches but two winning designs!

ilani I personaly loved both of them. The one on the right: loved the color. It was defiantly her, colorful and flowy... (The skirt). The sequin detailing made it kind of showgirlish though, but however, it was trendy, hip, and sexy. The opposite one was full of embellishments, additions, and adorns this and that. I personally didn't like the brown color on the skirt of the second one. It was straight and wasn’t very interesting silhouette wise.

sparklefly *sigh* Yes! It's great! She really did create an outfit that shows her style and one that shows the opposite. Her outfit is kind of vintage yet simple and sleek. I love the idea of doing a knit dress with kimono style jacket...classic. I especially loved the tights with the color of the shoes, classic as well. The other outfit's kind of punk rock hip and trendyish and I couldn't really say I liked this one. It was juvenile and not really designed. The shirt was horrible and I disliked the tights so much...but it was the opposite of her design sail on sparklefly...sail on.

OUT: adriannauk (Had to quit for personal reasons.)


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