Project Designer Cycle 4

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Guest Judge: taeliac

wakasashe It seams (pun intened) that wakasashe-fashion never disappoints. The look was classy and elegant (his thing). I just wished that I would have known the fabric of the body of the dress. George’s building was Jin Mao building in Shanghai, and I wasn't sure how he would do, especially considering that it was so straight and had a big pointytop. He designed a halter dress with attention to the bust and back and it looks wonderful. The stole and train were a wonderful addition. From the moment that the model appeared on the screen, George had the judges completely seduced. He'll be back next week folks!

catzilla A gorgeous, non-literal translation! The tiered skirting is absolutely lovely, the colors are fab, and the whole gown looks very comfy and would give a nice floating effect while going down the runway. A lot of referencing was done for this design, which really made it great. The little bits of blue detailing really made this one stand out, and she should be proud of this design!!! The original sketch idea seemed to do so much more with the wing-skirt detailing than the final image did, and maybe that was just in the sketchy nature of the drawing. Otherwise, this is very inspired, and it was great seeing some of the period in which the building was made added to the look of the garment. The color choice was unique, and work very well with the whole outfit and period.WOO!

panda-eyes Even though it was literal, it was fabulous. I have to say, on first glance I was suprised to see the building actually there. Looking at it longer, it just all seemed to fit together and work. The scarf part, is a great idea, and the sky-blue color the perfect choice for a building that soars into the air. We love the pattern at the bottom, kinda like windows! It's amazing...really..this one was definatly hard to beat.

lasmith My first thought was on the unique colors of the piece - they stand out, and make a true statement. Then, I looked at the technicals of how this could be made, and realized that it isn't difficult at all (all be it time consuming). It has a completely modern feel, like it just jumped out of a movie like Aeon Flux, but is still something that could be worn. Very well illustrated, and the presentation was impecable. It looks like it could glide down the runway with not problem. My only nick pick is that the golden window like things look a little too literal, but other than that it translates wonderfully. I loved the fabrications and the seams. The lines were wonderful and I loved the sleeves. All in all it was a wonderful submittion.

sparklefly Wow, this gown looks fit for a Queen. It has a very classic look to it, with gorgeous details. Simplistic, yet complex with all the shapes and patterns on the bodice and the hem. The train gives the whole ensemble a more fun, and less strictly elegant, look. The colors were wonderful and the sparklefly empire waist is back! It was woderful, but I thought the arches in the bust was kind of literal, but that was a slight mishap. It was wonderful! This really is a romantic dress - the train does it especially! I like all the little details, including the bodice design, and using all the patterns of the pretty design found on the building itself. The only thing that I didn't care for was the skirt itself - I couldn't figure out how it would actually look from the sketch. The color choice, however, was very good - it just adds to that romantic feel.As Michael Kors says, Kudos!

ceazar A disco ball! The outfit was a disco ball. It was wonderful! All of the sparkle and glam, all added up to the Taj Mahal. I was so glad that he didn't do white, he did a creme print which was lovely. The draping and layering was masterful and the embroidery was wonderful!!! Stunning. The colors and details are wonderful - all the use of the rhinestones, really balance the whole design out. I just, somehow, feel that this is lacking the punch that really denotes it as the "Taj Mahal", although the longer I look at it, the more it appeals to me as a whole. I think it's something about the bodice that throws me off a bit, but either way, this is something I would love to see realized.
I hope to see even more fabulousness in the next round!

Out:Adeladia Everyone was so good, it was hard to choose who would be out. We love the whole idea of the "neighborhood" affecting the outfit, instead of just focusing on the Opera House itself. The hat and skirt, however, seemed to be the focus (and I cannot forget the purse - that is the greatest accessory!) and the corset piece seems to be unweildly, and very much uncomfortable to wear, especially from the side view. The pictures, however, helped to make more sense of that view, but it still feels like it's something that is a bit bulky. The bodice designs should have been panels rather than layered shapes though. Gives it a slightly odd appearance from the side angle. The hat is very dramatic yet fitting, and the belt and the skirt patterns are cute. The color scheme was very well thought out. Not so sure the shoes work with all the stuff standing out like that. Maybe if it were an embedded pattern instead? Or if the shoes were cut to to that kind of shape/design? That would have been very creative. And one word for the purse - adorable! Good luck Adeladia with your future ambitions!


  • At 6:04 PM, Blogger George said…

    OH, MY GOD!!!!

    Whaat? I...what? There were so many great ones this time around, I couldn't believe it. I loved the Sears tower the most!

  • At 6:09 PM, Blogger Chris Rogers said…

    Yeah, but it's all about the scores.


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