Project Designer Cycle 4

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

catzilla and panda-eyes This one suprised the most. simply because they took a risk and decided to go for it. At first glance, its like what the? but as you study all the details of the design, it grows on you fast. I applauded the team's inventive use of fabrics, when I heard that they were using a vintage pattern for thier design I said "uh-oh…"but they transformed it into something truly fabulous. In fact, the pattern is a work of art all on its own. It's just too bright. There's not really a focal point to the outfit. It makes you want to look everywhere at everything. The cut and style of the outfit are nice, but there is just too much going on, and while it's definately creative, it's too loud.You can tell these two had so much fun working together. Alot of people want that bag!

lasmith and ceazar You can instantly tell these worked well together, their seperate styles complemented each other perfectly. The structure of the desgin was well thought out, The only thing I would say, it didnt really feel victorian to me that much. I think its the print on the dress that did it, reminded me of 50's feel. It was hip, youthful, sexy, and upbeat with a splash of spice-stunning.
All the colors go perfectly together without being too "matchy-matchy". The Victorian inspired coat is very well designed with the nice godet inserts to give it that extra flare without the bulk. The dress is adorable and would be gorgeous just on its own. All the textures and the rouching really make this a fun outfit. The teamwork behind this design was perfect -- both designers points of view can be seen without any clashing.
A very good collaberation.

wakasashe-fashion and sparklefly Note: Only one of the two will be out. We will interview them, and will choose who will be in (so designers you should start creating your designs until you know that you are out.) Their styles you could see had simular taste in designs, and this reflected well in thier collab. As for the design, it was well thought out and exicuted; though not inappropriate, I feared that the judges would find this particular work to be too much of an "already done" piece and that our judges would begin to brand the team with a "safe" label, which would not be good for the them. Yes, it was an open design topic but really they could have maybe added more details in the bust that was wakasashe, and kept the rest. Maybe a broch on the jacket? While I consider the team's design to be great and powerful, the investment — design and detail— was minimal when compared to thier peers. Alone, fabulous.


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