Project Designer Cycle 4

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

catzilla's design personifies the challenge in every way. The outfit and the accessory looked as though they were made to be together, and the outfit merely didn't complement or "go with" the accessory, but must INCORPORATED IT as part of a single thought. cat delivered it all: silhouette, proportion, fit, fabrics, and style. The top could have had a bit more interest, but it was still together. It was a fabulous achievement. Bravo, cat!

panda-eyes' Approach to this challenge was humorous and playful, too. The result, a cotton shirt sheer pink shirt with pussy bow detail and polka dots and a pale grey bubble skirt. She created a sparkling and pink frothy runway worth masterpeice of an outfit that was beautiful, creative, and inspiring, and this works well with the glasses. It was ambitious, and it was pulled off!

ceazar's work: You can't predict it. You can't anticipate it. You simply respond to what is.
ceazar's work for the challenge was feminine without being cloying, sexy without being vulgar, and elegant without being precious. The collar kind of looked odd, and we didn't really see the purse in the design. Omiting the challenge, it was great, but you cant'. The purse kind of stood out a bit more, but thankfully the scores prevented him from being out!

wakasashe-fashion's dress looked kind of spacey and alien-like. It's not a critiqsim, mearly an observation (from my point of view). It was very beautiful and superbly constructed, and his choice to make it part of the outfit was what the challenge was all about. His design was intelligent, nuanced, tactile, slightly martial, but very feminine.

sparklefly The bust is beautiful and mimics the sunglasses wonderfully. Not only was it a literal translation but it also represented those cool shades in mood. The rest boring. Definatly not boring. Just rather straight. I would have loved to see a jacket or more deatils to help this look become more interesting. It's a really
sophisticated peice just rather basic. Everyone did great, but it was all in he scores.

OUT: lasmith is up and down and up and down! One week to the next, I never know whether she will sink or swim. So far, she's managed to keep her head above water. She stumbled in my humble opinion. When she hits it big, as she did last week, I stand back and admire. It was very architectural and kinda stiff. It definatly encorperated the shoes, but wasn't as sleek as we expected it to be. It looked as if it didn't fit
properly...and how can it not fit properly in a
drawing? We were eluded.
Everyone did great, but it was all in the scores. We are REALLY sad to see you go.


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