Project Designer Cycle 4

Monday, June 26, 2006

Design Topic One: Talior for the Tropics

The first winner...Hankita The tie flying behind her could have been made of rope also and the color contrast makes her looks heavy...all dark, then lighter. The shillouette of the design is pretty basic, but the feathers were a great way to think outside of the box. We really liked this design. Of the ones i've seen this fits the high class and tropical guide lines the most. It looks like some is land queen could wear it. Also the colors are beautiful and it looks like it would be very very comfortable. There was a good usage of materials, layering and construction. The dress as a whole is high status and nicely put together in terms of balance and proportion.

sparklefly It was rather boring, some of te judges said. What we really like about this design is the detailing all the little flowers and such add so much to what would be otherwise a rather boring dress. Some of us love the flower detailing in the front and back! And although it's much better than before, it was still rather boring. Taking leafs and just wrapping them around the body is no way of being innovative or creative. Sometimes you cant design in a behavior of using real have to think out of the box. The materials shown are not as flexible as wouldn't look as good in reality. The leafs are drawn too large. The idea itself is more out there and the silhuoette is more classy than before. All in all, the desgin wasn't too feasable and rather...boring.

ilani desgned a very form fitting design filled with thin tree bark and yam leaves. The corset (which alot of the designs used) looked a little uncomfortable before I read that it was made out if thin bark, almost like paper. The pants were woderfully designed with wrappings..that might give her unusual suntans :D One of us said Nice variation of materials, but it looks trashy and non-rich if ever worn in real life. The innovation of the design was commendable, because again the comfort and wearablity is a bit off because it seems to us that the wood based top would be a little stiff and uncomfy. Overall very innovative but that comfort factor’s so killing it.

catzilla took the greatest risk by designing a rather basic dress with a weaved corset and ti plant leaves for the skirt. The bodice of the dress was constructed out of some kind of leaf, but the thing that most stood out was the skirt, the red striped ti leaves. The skirt was appealing here we go again with the weaved top, The little flower on the right was cute, but other than that, it was a basic dress. The colors are very vibrant and have that whole island flare to them…The flowers are drawn well. And it’s just overall appealing!

deathofrats defantly made a statement with her variation of different leaves and grasses, twine, and edible friut hat. This design sheds off ALL sophistication and high class it had in the previous. From the waist up...its lacking. The cups made out of those straw-like plants that hold the breasts and form the bodice is vulgar because the visible construction isn't right. For positives, the various materials used in the design is well balanced and placed so it does not look dilluted or un-focused. If it had some pink blossoms on the dress coordinated w/ that nice headdress would have really added a huge dash of high art. But the top it just not feasibly possible unless you have tape. We like the creative juices here. But you gotta think about whether it is actually possible to wear it as it is according to the illustration.

ceazar made a "wow" start in the compition with the sculptural top and it definatly looked high fashion, and defantly high art. One of us said: What I don't find appealing is the back were the palm leaves meet and form this weird "spinal cord" like thingy running down and into the dress. It makes it stiff, heavy looking...and a bit like you've got stress-test cords hooked onto you like electric sockets. The embelishemtns and additives on the dress are superb and give it a flavor all of it's own. He missed the point where he should have added shoes, but you can forget the shoes when yo look that hot! The dress and floral leg braclet with the floral addition in the hair was great enough.

Sleek, simple, and elegant,
Adeladia's idea to use snakeskin in her design was ingenious and very creative. It definatly added a high fashion perspective to the woman. The snakeskin top was fabulous! So creative! The skirt was pretty...a little bland...but pretty. when snakes’s a VERY thin and fragile layer and it’s more of a clear color since it’s so thin. The skirt: Straw and string does not flow that easily and would never...nore is it comfortable. plus having to have it soaked in water for a certain look is a waste. So therefore that top would not be very feasible unless she killed more than one snake...which is no problem. SHE won't be the victim of unknown circumstances.

adriannauk alot of judges thought that this design was top notch and we also thought that the weeds on the side were a bit arbitrary. But nonetheless, you wowed the masses with feathers and leaves and leaves and feathers! It was flashy but not tacky and fabulous but not diva. I personally didn't like the flowers on the front of the just didn't look right to me. One of our "outspoken" judges (laugh with me people) said this: I would have liked to see the feathers on her butt go further down because leaving it like that makes it look like a random deer's backside patched on...but the skirt is balanced out w/ the different sizes. But we ALL agree (even the outspoken judge) that the look was glamourous, and she looked like a "goddess".

leashapore designed a very glamours dress, but it was ready to fall apart any minute. But then I read further that is said that they were knotted together so it wouldn't fall apart. Let's hope our high-class woman has someone else on the island to helper her knot those...she's high-class...she doesn't "do" labor. The dramatic pose was great and added a bit of sophisitcation to the whole peice.

panda-eyes designed a very sexy and sultry dress. Although the dress was was vulgar to say the least. The single leaf that covered her breast with the unclassy wraps was "un-high-fashion". The skirt was too tight, but was loosened up a bit with the fluffy shrub on the back of her dress. The wrappings around the foot was cool, but it looked as if it would be uncomfortable.

lasmith created a very colorful and ebuliant dress. But, as many of the judges noticed, "definately not a winner because you don't take inspiration from other designers and their work to make your own work...this was inspired by Gucci and Versace lines. It's almost like being a mass-market knock off designer...very sad." The idea of woven panties for modesty was comendable, but the bodice seemed to be a little vulgar with the holes.

StrangeLittleChild's design was colorful and witty. And wow, talk about some nice patterns there! Love the jacket! The collar is so pretty and seems like actual fabric. And that skirt, gorgeous! With the gradient effect of the colors, it looks like it was made of bits of dyed fabrics. The legwarmners seemed a little odd because it didn't really go with the whole outfit. Everything in this, though made of plants, looks just like a bunch of fabrics on a real outfit. Well done!

wakashashe-fashion (late no comment)

Out: Narayka was very straightforward with her design..and it wasn't very creative in my personal opinion. It seemed like the actual dress was ready for further additions and embelishments. I mean it was nice, but it was too simple and b-o-r-i-n-g. One of our judges said: Another example of something that had the potential of being great and witty. The idea is pretty well focused and high class...the leaf stole kills it somewhat because it looks trashy as if she just found it laying on the ground. On top of that, the coconuts seemed to be very uncomfortable, and very cliche. Other than that, she design was wearable and it seemed comfortable.